Yamada Takayuki and Oshima Yuko attend press conference for ‘Yamikin Ushijima-kun’

On July 11th, a press conference for the upcoming movie ‘Yamikin Ushijima-kun‘ was held at the Iino Hall in Uchisaiwaichou, Tokyo.

The movie revolves around ‘Ushijima Kaoru’, the head of the black market lending company called ‘Cow Cow Finance’, and the unfortunate lives of people in debt. Ushijima is played by Yamada Takayuki and the heroine is played by AKB48’s Oshima Yuko and both stars attended the conference.

At the event the actors and the director were asked what collateral they would be willing to provide if they had to borrow a huge amount of from Oshima similar to the characters in the movie.

Director Yamaguchi Masatoshi replied, “I’d offer her a role as the lead actress and a year of free evening beverages. This time she had to play a role with a lot of suffering, so in the next movie she should play a more blessed and cheerful character… At least that’s what I was told by her agency…

Sakimoto Hiromi’s answer was almost too real to earn any laughs. He said, “She can have my liver and my kidney.

Arai Hirofumi came up with another realistic idea. He replied, “I could give her a copy of my ID and my officially registered seal as collateral. The guarantor could be Asano Tadanobu.” After some thinking he added, “If Asano-san was the guarantor, I definitely would have to pay back the money…

Hayashi Kento thought of a really sweet answer and said, “I’d give her my memories from junior high school.” He explained, “Junior high school was the best and most fun time of my life. I want to return to that time. There is nothing I treasure more than that time.

Yamada earned a lot of laughter when he answered that he would provide his name as collateral. He said, “I’d give her the right to name me. If I won’t be able to return the money, I’d even be willing to change my name to Oshima Yuko.” He continued, “Right now she can only be at one place at a time, but this way she could be at two places at the same time.

Oshima liked the idea and investigated further, “Would you perform at AKB concerts for me while I attend stage greetings?

He looked at the money in his hands, which was provided as a prop for the event, and replied, “Here I come, Oshima Yuko formerly known as Yamada.” Director Yamaguchi agreed, “After all Yamada is good at dancing and singing to ‘Heavy Rotation‘.

‘Yamikin Ushijima-kun’ will open in Japan on August 25th.

The full-length trailer for this movie was also released two weeks ago. Check it out below

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